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Strong, straight and true, house frames made from TRUECORE ® steel won’t shrink, twist or warp over time, contribute to the spread of fire or attract termites.

Frame Truss Australia has a combined 50 years of experience in the steel framing industry. Our team is driven to be the best in our field, from manufacturing to installation, we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Incorporates recycled materials

Across the range of steel products manufactured by BlueScope in Australia, including TRUECORE® steel products, the average recycled content1 in the steel is 25.0%, which includes pre- and post-consumer recycled materials. ​

Materials reclaimed within the steelmaking process represent an additional 1.7% average recovered content.​


The steel in TRUECORE® steel is 100% recyclable without loss of quality

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The sustainability of steel framing

Using steel provides design and construction benefits when it comes to sustainability.

Lightweight, strong and delivered pre-cut or prefabricated to building sites, steel has the potential to deliver numerous sustainability benefits which can contribute to reduced site disturbance, reduced onsite waste,re-use of existing structures and more cost-effective buildings.

Frame Truss Australia’s steel products can be used in greener building designs to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort, and reduce energy and water demand. This makes it easier for homeowners and developers to meet mandatory sustainability requirements or accrue credits under voluntary green building ratings systems. Any reduction in energy usage delivers economic and environmental benefits such as reduced energy bills, less pressure on energy infrastructure and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Steel frames made from Frame Truss Australia steel offers the following features and sustainability benefits:

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    Won't Catch Fire
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    100% Termite Proof
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    Precision Engineered
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    The Steel is 100% Recyclable
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    Efficient Build
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    Straight and Strong
TRUECORE® steel Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

EPDs may help to earn points for Green Star, the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating and other leading green building rating schemes.

It is a third party verified and registered document that communicates transparent data and other relevant environment information about the life-cycle environmental impacts of a product.

Download the EPD: